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1/16/2010 2:26 AM

Opinions wanted.

The specs I've seen sound like a winner, even if the name is kinda lame.

I'd like to see a 50-watts of EL-34/2 12" version...


Fock Them If They Can't Take A Joke
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1/16/2010 1:24 PM

With such a minimalistic approach it makes me think that it's going to sound pretty good.

The manufacturing cost sure isn't going in to extra knobs and pots like on a Mesa MK5.

It's cool they went with an eyelet board...old school. Kudos to them for shooting for the boutique market.

I'm looking forward to reviews to see if it justifies the price tag. G&L should post some demo's on youtube (with a good player like WR)

along with the new pedals.

I' like to see a version that was more affordable...I bet we'll be seeing variations on the theme now that they have the amp thing rolling.

...obviously missing is Tremelo and Reverb...and a kickback stand would be an unexpected but nice option.

I wonder if we'll see them expand into head and cab production.

The name (and log font) is bizarre. Another reason to make some different models.

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1/16/2010 4:10 PM

Oh, and the MSRP is way high. We'll see what 'street' value ends up being. I doubt they'll do a british-type circuit though.... :(

Fock Them If They Can't Take A Joke
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1/16/2010 4:33 PM

I agree, my jaw dropped a little when I saw the price...I was expecting maybe 800-900

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1/16/2010 6:42 PM
My friend Bob recently completed a 5E3 circuit amp and has been really happy with it so far.

Here's the press release for the "new" G&L amp:

G&L Musical Instruments to introduce its first-ever Guitar Amplifier and Effects pedals at the winter namm show

Fullerton, Calif., January 14, 2010 - G&L Musical Instruments is pleased to introduce two new guitar effects pedals, the "Double Barrel" and the "Buckshot", and the all-tube combo guitar amp called the "Whipper Snapper" at the NAMM show (booth #4690).

The Double Barrel (MSRP $215) is a variable-boost pedal which offers up to 30dB of clean boost, with Gain control and variable Lo and Hi controls which enable the player to restrict lows from becoming boomy and highs from getting too bright. The Buckshot (MSRP $199) is a natural overdrive pedal with Gain, Tone and Volume controls, and is designed to enhance an amplifier's tonal identity rather than mask it. Both pedals will be available in March and feature black Bakelite knobs, military-grade PCBs, 1% tolerance resistors, true-hardwire bypass, hand-wired potentiometers, jacks and switches, as well as a five-year limited warranty.

The Whipper Snapper (MSRP $1999) is a medium-powered all-tube combo amp capable of producing a wide range of clean and overdriven tones. Available in April, the Whipper Snapper is based on a late 1950s 5E3 circuit. G&L has modified this classic design to accommodate the needs of today's players looking for a portable yet flexible amp. The Whipper Snapper is right at home in almost any situation, from practice and rehearsals to recording and live performances.

The G&L name is synonymous with quality and tone, and the made-in-the-USA Whipper Snapper continues that legacy by sporting premium components. It delivers with its modified 5E3 circuit hand-wired on a vintage-type eyelet board, supporting a pair of J&J 12AX7 preamp tubes (may be substituted with 12AT7 for lower-gain sound), GZ34 rectifier tube which provides natural compression or "sag", and a pair of J&J 6V6 output tubes. Making the most of the sonic possibilities are treble and bass knobs plus volume with pull-bright feature, while superb tone emanates from the Whipper Snapper's 12" Jensen P-12Q speaker, loaded into a solid pine finger-jointed cabinet for warmth and unmatched dynamics.
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